A candidate for happiness

A series of 10 original coloured silk-screen prints


48,6 x 64,2 cm on 220g Bristol board,  61,6 x 80 cm
100 copies printed, signed, titled and numbered by the artist.
Printed in Berlin 1970 – 1978
 Some examples :


 N°78/1970   Bathing establishment •;  N°86/1971 At Quitschke's ;

N°75 /1970  North Theatre • ;  N°87/1971 Compartment• ; N°76/1970 Attic ;

N°77/1970 Sunny afternoon•…

The titles marked with a • exist in two different colour versions.



(...) The aggressive content is continually relieved by a subtle irony mixed with elegaic sadness, which allows the artist to create a very personal elevated language, from which the visitor is unable to detach himself.

(Club galerie Ubu, Karlsruhe, April 10, 1972, Regine Ragai)


 (…) He shows the mixture of fashionable topicality and the morbidity of past times.  

(Galerie Conzen, Düsseldorf, Handelsblatt, May 1, 1971)

(...) Altrock glorifies "new art" at the same time as he disowns it; he rejects it.

(Der Abend, Berlin, September 1971)

(...) Altrock allows no artistic demand to stop him from expressing his satire, his work thus reaches amazing heights.

( Galerie Hofmeier, Bremen, October 2, 1071)

© K.S.Golo