A candidate for happiness

Extract from the booklet about silkscreen-paintings :


All specialists would like this edifice to be rebuilt as it was the first building mounted on a 9x9 pillar square, with each pillar 5.55 cm apart.



  Berlin's Tradition of Debility

1832   Royal Prussian architectural school
1836    Official opening of the Academy of Architecture
1884    unused
1945   bombed
1951  Wlater Ulbricht decides to rebuild the Academy of Architecture
1952  Opening of the Academy
1962  Complete demolition of the building
1966  Same site chosen for the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Democratic Republic of Germany.
1995  Complete demolition
2010 Mr Hans Wall's proposal as sponsor of a partial reconstruction refused, despite his personal investment of 15 million euros: complete demolition impossible unless a complete reconstruction project is found

etc …

Prints : third edition in 2009, 10 copies numbered and signed by the artist,

also available in German.





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