Oil paintings


Some examples :


Private Collection



Size : 80 x 105 cm


N°19/1960 Sun ; N°41/1963 To Reinickendorf ; N°10/1959 Homebound;

N°47/1964 Drawing Room; N°51/1966 Dining Room; N°53/1966 Balcony ; N°14/1959 Anhalt Station, Berlin …



(…) An architect and an artist. a poet too. Human beings are emptied of all humanity. Appearances hide frightening forces.

(Kölnische Rundschau, May 25, 1967 )


(…) The artist's world is filled with deep-rooted melancholy and mathematically-structured sorrow.

(Kölner Stadtanzeiger, June 8, 1967)


(…) An uprising against the misappropriation of beauty itself, be it a woman, a hat or a cristal chandelier, for the needs of a performance.

(SW-Galerie, Hanovre, October 11, 1970 )

© K.S.Golo