As before the Supreme Court, the accused has the last word.

Mr Bodo Fleischer, who was well aware of my work methods (as a project architect), said one day "You suffer from your imagination". In so much as I am able to explain myself, I know which medecine will treat my affliction...
The engraver ( Siebert and sons of Nauninstrasse in Berlin) who managed to create the midnight blue on the Nocturne plate (We DO exist series) observed, at once, sceptical and pensive, "You who create such things certainly must not have the time to spend on communication or advertising for your work". Since this time, I have been grateful to all those who diffuse my work.

Moreover, my father often used to send me press cuttings about museums, galleries and various art centres. Armed with these graphics, I used to call on these institutions in order to organise an exhibition. Next, press critics were able to comment on my work and I retain a detailed record of this. This is why, from the very outset, it is thanks to my father that my work exists and did not remain a blank page.



N°8, Blank page, Oil on wood block, 1959


N°256, Ceramic, vase, height 5,2cm 2005


N° 48, Théodore von Altrock, 1964, Oil painting


Stamp on booklet

Trials 1970-74





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