The curator of the Non-Conformist Art Museum in St Petersburg, Mrs Lora Koutcher, is pleased to propose the Artist's Master Class to the students of the Fine Arts Academy.
On the Programme : presentation of the artist's tools, of his trade and of his experience in the use of copper engraving and of aquatints in large format and on several sheets of metal.
There will follow a guided visit of the exhibition, during which the techniques used to create these works of art will be highlighted. (Altrock's personal exhibition, from September 11 to October 10, 2010, tél. : 764 48 52)

France-RussiaThis event takes place on the occasion of the French-Russian Year 2010 /

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Extracts from the Visitors’ Book  St Petersburg exhibition. September-October 2010


Thank you for this beautiful exhibition at Pouchkinskaia 10. It reinforces the wish to create closer links between our two countries during the Franco-Russian Year. Edouard de Lumley. Director of the French Institute in St Petersburg. 11.09.10

We really liked your copper engravings. Leonie and Tabea

Your art is splendid and full of love. Come back soon, Mr von Altrock. Stanislav Kogan

A most interesting exhibition, your subjects are poetic and ironical, realistic and fantastic. Natacha, Elena

Thank you! I have never seen anythink like it! It was a great pleasure to see your work. It is very positive. Thank you for offering such joy!   Anna, 12.09.10

Interesting! Out of the ordinary. I will never forget it. Ania P. from Voronej. 22.09.10.

Thank you so much for the exhibition! Every work is complex, one can spend hours contemplating them; they are not clichés – one can clearly see the artist’s personal touch and his vision of life. Besides my admiration - the refined and good quality audiovisual production and the choise of accompaning music. This rarely happens, there is really nothing to criticise! All the best! Regards, Ekaterina (Law School, State University, St Petersburg). I hope to be able to see a major exhibition of Hartmut’s works, and to be able to have a tea together.

This exhibition is quite simply the magic door that opens onto the fantasy world. 29.09.10.

Wonderful engravings, wonderful etchings – thank you for this visual pleasure. Youminova Marina. Member of commission  for exhibitions of arts. Moscow

We discovered many new things. A wonderful exhibition. We wish you good luck, good health and a long creative life… Students at the St Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry, graphic design department.

Brilliant copper engravings. The ink sketches are the most impressive. It is most unusual to see such a high professional level at the Pouchkinskaia Centre. All the best! SP 09.10.10.

HvA is like a beautiful fruitful tree whose roots are in the graceful period, neverending, of deep and serious meditation and philosophical musings. His roots are there but his leaves are in the here and now. This is what makes his charm…

Master Class

Master-class in St. Petersburg        08.09. 2010.

Master-class with members of the Academy Stieglitz for Industrial Design in St Petersburg