Hartmut von Altrock


Brief biography
































birth in Breslau, Germany, First Republic

woodworking apprenticeship

back to school

paints in Paris (gouache)

qualifies as an architect in Berlin (Technische Universität)

takes part in nude drawing classes whenever he can

observes oil painting at a friend's,

the art restorer, Robert Michael Bell

self-education in the art of oil-painting

and engraving

beyond expressionism in his art of painting

develops own style of colour and form

personal involvement in the sexual revolution as an artist (oils and copper-engravings)

takes on occasional architectural projects

in the making

creates many original works on paper (80 copy edition)

in a variety of modern and classical techniques

to enable a wide diffusion of his work

30 years in France and takes French nationality

From 1963 to today     personal exhibitons in Munich, Berlin, Cologne, 

Stuttgart, Hamburg, Essen, Heidelberg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt-on-Main,

Marburg, Bremen, Karlsruhe, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Château de Val, Lübeck, Oldenburg,

Kiel, Tübingen, Amsterdam, Bonn, Brunswick, New York City and  St Petersburg

The side panels are by Percier  and Fontaine, decor creators for Napoleon I. 

The day Altrock presents his We DO exist series, Mr Sperlich, curator of the Hessische Kunsthalle, feels a spiritual bond between these two architects and Altrock, and advises the painter to familiarise himself with them.