We DO exist


A series of 12 original aquatints
with composite Lipsia-Gothic letterpress
printing frontispiece in violet and black cloth-bound case.


Size of the sheets 48 x 62 cm on handmade paper 220 g « Römerturm »

65 x 80 cm, 80-copy edition, signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

Printed in Berlin 1965 - 1969

Also available in a luxury edition on hand-made "Misumi" paper/Japan and Roman numbered artist's galleys, as well as in preparatory galleys (colour tests for collectors)


Some examples :



N°68/1969 Court ;  N°61/1967 Iwersen ;  N°67/1969 Linden tree fragrance ;

N°65/1968 We DO exist ;  N°63/1968 At home



(…) His works are crossed with interchangeable human stereotypes, in a world where individuals have no place and where their unbelievable, pompous emptiness leads to an immoderate showing of their ego.

(Generalanzeiger, Bonn, October 27, 1970)

(…) These aquatints are envisaged as true stories. An attack against today's stockade mentality. And : maids, nothing but maids!

(Stuttgarter Ztg., April 16, 1971)

(…) The charm of these works lies in the delicate aquatint shades. They hide the demanding technique behind the end result.

(Südwest-Presse, Tübingen, July 23, 1970)

© K.S.Golo