Accomplished facts created by figurines



Several examples of the series :

© K.S.Golo

N° 92, A series of eight coloured aquatints with engraved frontispiece, 54 x 66 cm, handmade paper 220g , 20 copy-edtion.

Titles : The informer, Pursuit, Deposition of Evidence


These sheets recall the main steps of a 3 year and a half trial he had, which he immortalized and re-wrote as a story without words. Whereas the novelist Günter Grass, facing the unbrided madness that threated the painter, suggested him to write a short story that now looks like a "german tale". It obviously refers to Heinrich Heine's Germany. A winter tale.


(…) Scandal for a nude countess!

(Tages Zeitung TZ , München,  April 3, 1972)


(…) A scandal? But through the eyes of an artist, one can see all the wonders of the world, even the most secret.

(Nice matin, May 5,1972)


(...) Altrock, the painter, protects his beautiful painting like the lioness its babies.

(Münchner Merkur,  April 4,1972)









(…) TWO trials for ONE painting!

(Bonner Stadtanzeiger, May 10,1972, P.)


(…) In the court, the artist dresses as Harlequin.

(Generalanzeiger, Bonn, October 14,1972, I. Riedlinger)  


(…) Protest against frozen forms and conventions. Goya-type case with the Maya affair.

(Stern, March 19, 1972, Michael Seufert)


in front of the Reichstag-building, 1972
© Photo : Gen.Anz. Bonn
in the court, 10/14/72


(…) What happened to artistic licence?   (Düsseldorfer Nachrichten, April 25, 1972)